Banded Pony with Korkers


Yes, another banded ponytail. lol I can't get over them. They are super cute and quick. Jazz it up with bows and different colored ponytail holders. Do as many as you want, you can't go wrong!

I took these banded ponytails out the next morning for school and did this one. A actually wanted to wear her hair in the 6 banded ponytails I did for bed but I didn't have the heart to send her with that part, if you want to school it a part. lol This took around 5 minutes. I moisturized with our shea butter/coconut oil mix and used Goody Ouchless ponytail holders. The korker bows are from Gymboree. :)

Note to self: Next time you do something for bed, at least try to make it look a little more decent.