Bead Organizer

If you remember my Organizing Hair Accessories post then you know I kept A's beads in ziplock baggies, which worked great. Well, if you saw my recent Walmart post then you know I picked up one of those craft organizers they sell. It was only $8 (actually $7 and some change) so I thought why not? I was hesitant because I never really liked the look of them, I thought the ziplock baggies looked better. Well, I was wrong! I love this bead organizer. I actually had to go back and buy another one because A had a lot more beads than I thought. Each organizer comes with 18 compartments, and you can make the compartments bigger/smaller if you want.

I put most of her plain beads in one, then put her bigger beads, heart beads, star beads, crown beads and snaps in another. I had to take some of the white beads out because they were overflowing. I definitely plan on buying about 3 (or more) more of these organizers for more beads, her barrettes, and ballies. I hope to have a new accessory set up for her complete sometime this Summer. Stay tuned!

By the way, she loved helping me separate all of the beads!

How are you organizing your hair accessories lately? Anything new?