Criss Cross Cornrow Headband on Stretched Hair

I first tried to criss cross cornrow headband last Summer on A. I thought the look was adorable for little girls. This time I did it a little different by working with stretched hair. As you can see, it kind of looks like she had a blow out without the blow dryer. This is great for little girls who want to show off their length every now and then, and for moms who don't like using heat on their childs hair.
You can also leave the back out and natural, do a braid out, twist out, or box braids behind the headband.

Get the look:
  • Band the hair for a few days. Do this on completely detangled hair, wet or dry. Moisturize each section before banding. For A, 6 banded ponytails work best. Braid the ends.
  • Re-band the hair each night. Moisturize (focus on the ends), finger detangle, then use wide tooth comb. (I also used our Modified Denman)
  • After a few days of banding, take down each section, moisturize (we used Little Penguins Mocha Bean Pom. Review coming soon!) Finger detangle, then use your wide tooth comb. We used our Modified Denman for this part as well.
  • After the hair is completely band free, moisturized, and detangled part the hair from ear to ear to prepare for your criss cross cornrow headband.
  • Tie the back of the hair off, then part your top section horizontally in two sections.
  • You will now vertically part both sections of hair into three pieces. Be careful not to mix the sections up.
  • You will first start with the hair in your front section near the right ear. Cornrow that small section, then cross over to your back middle section, cornrow that small section, then cross over to your front last section by the left ear, braid down a little and you're done.
  • You will repeat the same steps, only this time you will start with the hair by the left ear in your second section, cornrow and cross over until you're done!


To maintain this style: Moisturize the hair each night and put it in a loosely banded ponytail. Braid or twist the ends.