"Is her hair hard to comb?"

I thought this picture was perfect for this post since that's the look I gave the nurse.
While we were waiting at the hospital today a lovely young nurse walked by and smiled at A. A smiled back and asked her if she liked her nails. "My mommy did them". I previously painted A's nails the night before and she made it a point to show everyone. The nurse looked at me and asked, "Is her hair hard to comb?" I immediately gave her the what-the-huh? face. I was definitely caught off guard. I replied "" And that was that.
Well, no, that wasn't that. I sat there so confused. Who asks a stranger if their childs hair is hard to comb? Why does she think her hair is hard to comb? Because it's curly? I thought to myself, "I should have asked her if her hair was hard to comb, then she would have given me the what-the-huh? face!" I looked over at A as she reached up and pulled down one of her curls. Did she realize what this woman had asked? I know the young nurse didn't mean any disrespect but really? "Is her hair hard to comb?" What is the point in this question?
So many questions ran through my mind. I looked at A as she examined her curl and told her her hair is beautiful.
I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking it over too much. What do you all think?