Modified Denman Brush

Our Lemon Scented modified Denman D3 Brush

I was just on CurlyNikki and saw she posted a video from AGrlCanMac on a modified Denman brush. Now you all know I absolutely love our Denman D3 brush. It removes all lint from the hair, clumps the curls together, etc. I have heard about the modified Denman brush before, but it sounded so complicated that I didn't even think to check out Youtube for a video on it. AGrlCanMac made a great video on how you can do it.

I decided to take our Lemon Scented Denman D3 Brush (from their Tuti Fruiti scented collection) and try it. I fought with it for about 5 minutes until I got the rubber base to come out. The coconut oil on the brush definitely did not help, lol. It didn't even take one minute to remove 3 rows of teeth and viola! We have ourseleves a modified Denman. I will keep you posted and let you know how we like this one VS the regular one.

Have you ever tried the modified Denman brush?