Review: Strawllers


Strawllers in


Right after removing Strawllers:

After seperating the curls the next day:

Does anyone remember when CurlyNikki was on The Tyra Show? If so then you probably recall seeing a segment on Strawllers. Well, the wonderful people over at Strawllers agreed to let us review their product. Big thanks to them!

From Strawllers website: "Don’t be fooled by the name! The “straw” in the title doesn’t refer to how the hair feels after being transformed – instead, it attributes the instruments used to achieve this look. Simple plastic drinking straws were the original tools to use for creating these tight, shiny, charming ringlets. Straw curls might best be defined as sassy, sexy, and confident. This look gives curls a completely new style, and though it takes some practice, it’s easily mastered with time and patience. This style is often utilized by African American women for shiny, frizz-free, beautiful curls. Of course, if time is short and you prefer a professional stylist’s touch, you’ll benefit from one of the many hair salons that offer the service.”

8" Pink Strawllers

The claim: A new definition in curls. Works for all types of hair, thick or thin, or any ethnicity.

Price: 8" Pink Strawllers 3/8" diameter (package of 24) Regular Price $10.95 Introductory Price $9.95

Review: I love these 8" Pink Strawllers! First of all, they are affordable for everyone. The ones we used are currently $10 per pack of 24. Yes, 24! We used about 2 1/2 packs. They were so easy to work with. I have never used any curlers that required a bobbypin so I thought I was going to have problems. I thought, "is a bobbypin really going to hold these while she runs around and plays for a couple of hours?" The answer is YES! They are very light. There were absolutely no complaints from A. I left these in for 2 hours, during those two hours she ran around, played with her little brother, and styled her dolls hair. I used Strawllers setting lotion (after I moisturized her hair with our coconut oil/shea butter mix and Giovanni Direct Leave-in) and let me tell you, once I took the Strawllers out her hair was so soft and moisturized. I also love the smell of the Strawllers setting lotion. Don't be alarmed when you first take Strawllers out. The curl looks a little....interesting, if you will. The trick is to seperate each curl! The only downside to them is you cannot sleep in these whatsoever. The good part about that is they are designed for fast drying.

I am going to give you a quick run down on how I acheived this look:
  1. As you all know, A's hair had previously been in a cornrowed braid out so her has was pretty stretched out from that. I loaded her hair up with Giovanni Direct Leave-in and virgin coconut oil. I finger detangled her hair in sections, removing any shred hair and any knots/tangles.
  2. Next, I parted 1/2inch to 1inch sections of hair, I applied 2 pumps of Strawllers setting lotion to each section and starting from the ends I rolled the hair on the Strawller, I made sure to roll some hair over the end hair so it didn't come loose, rolled the Strawller all the way up, and pushed the bobbypin down to hold the Strawller in place. Viola! Down! It really was easy as 1,2,3.
  3. I repeated step 2 until I was completely done. This took about 1 hour to put them in and I left them in for 2 hours.
  4. After the 2 hours was up I pushed the bobbypin up from the bottom of each Strawller and rolled the Strawllers off the hair.
  5. It was time for bed, so instead of seperating the curls, I put her hair into a loose, high ponytail (I didn't even wrap the Goody Ouchless ponytail holder) so her hair wouldn't flatten out.
  6. In the morning I took down her ponytail. I straightened each curl out and seperated it into 3-4 smaller curls, running my fingers down each curl to try to combat any frizz.
That's it, all done! It sounds really simple, right? It is!

This is an upclose shot to show you where the bobbypins are and how they go in: (as you can see, there is no pulling on her scalp)

This in the ponytail I put in her hair at night before seperating the curls the next day:

Pictures after seperating the curls the next day:


They sure do have the "sassy and confident" part right! lol



We went outside to try to get some better "natural light" pictures:

The great part is I am sure this is going to last her at least 1 week (5 days or more). I will certainly keep you posted on what her hair looks like each day.

You can purchase Strawllers on their website. They carry many different sizes.

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Disclosure: The product(s) were sent to me free of charge from the company or PR agency for the purpose of this review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by any other part.