Strawller Update + I'm Not Perfect

A's Strawller set lasted 4 days which was great. We switched it up just a little by adding clips, and on the last day, I put it half up half down and put a cute flower in. I moisturized her hair daily with shea butter mixed with coconut oil and put it in a loose high ponytail at night so her hair didn't become flat. I missed one day of not putting her hair into a high ponytail at night so she did sleep on her hair on day 3.
Maintaining Strawller set:

After it was time to wash the Strawller set out I decided to first rinse her hair with warm water, and load it up with conditioner and virgin coconut oil. Well, some major things came up this weekend (my other brother was in the hospital, had to have surgery) so the night I decided to do that, I didn't get a chance to rinse it out. I ended up leaving the conditioner/coconut oil in her hair for two days. Her hair looked fine, but apparently it was not. Basically, 3/8" diameter Strawllers + coconut oil + conditioner in for two days = a big no no.
Here's what her hair looked like the day after I did "the big no no". Looks fine, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

When I went to wash A's hair tonight, she had some major tangles and fairy knots in the back. It took me about 30 minutes to detangle the back of her hair, but only 10 minutes to detangle the front. The back got a lot more tangled up than the front, I'm not exactly sure why but she definitely had some breakage. Those fairy knots just wouldn't come out. I feel pretty stupid, but this just goes to show I am not perfect. You live and you learn, right?

Note to self: Next time you do a Strawller set, rinse with warm water, load up with conditioner and coconut oil, leave in for 20 minutes, then start seperating the curls and detangling in sections. Do not, I repeat, do not wait two days after doing the first couple of steps.
Have you ever had any "I'm not perfect" moments when dealing with your child's hair?