These ponytail holders cause breakage!

I went to one of the dollar stores (a privately owned one) the other day to pick up a few things, while I was there I saw some ponytail holders for $1 per pack. They had a bunch of colors, packs with pink/red/white, packs of all black, all white, and packs of black and white. I bought two packs of black and white, you can never have enough ponytail holders, right? These caused some major breakage! I guess it's the material, not exactly sure but I could hear major breakage and snags, especially at the ends. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the brand of these because I ripped the package open and threw most of it away. I took a few pictures though to give you an idea of what the package looks like. Next time I'm at the store I'll take a picture to show the brand and everything else. Hopefully this helps someone. I'll definitely be sticking with my Goody ponytail holders from now on.

Ripped open package


Little animals, planes, music instruments around the package.

FYI: These are the ones I faithfully use from Goody. I bought all of them from Walmart, around $2 each. I LOVE them. They are easy on the hair, and don't lose their shape.