2 Cornrowed Box Braids

I stated in *this* post that we were going to show you some more styles you can do with box braids (her boxbraids are a little over one week old). Last night I decided to do two cornrows out of her box braids. You can add bows or a headband to make it a little more girly if you would like.

In her SpongeBob PJ's

  • Split the box braids into two sections. More than likely all of the box braids are not lined up so you will not have a straight part going back, that's okay.
  • Tie off one side and start cornrowing the other side:
  • Gather about two rows of box braids in the front (about 6 braids total) and do a couple of regular underhanded stitches. (Cross right section under middle, cross left section under middle, repeat)
  • You will now begin cornrowing your box braids. Grab 1-2 braids at a time, add them to your middle section, then cross your right section under your middle section. Pick up 1-2 braids, add them to your new middle section, then cross your left section under your middle section. Repeat until you are done.


I used Bee Hold Curly Butter to smooth down her edges.

Click *here* to see her original box braids.

Click *here* to see her curly week old box braids.