Bee Mine Discount Code for Beads, Braids & Beyond Readers!

Bee Mine

As you all may know, I have been using Bee Mine Products on A's hair for the entire month of May. I can honestly say that I have not yet met a line like Bee Mine. I love all of the products. You know when normally you only *love* a couple of things out of a line? In our case I absolutely love their shampoo, conditioner, curly butter, luscious moisturizer, juicy spirtz and beeloved hair and scalp moisturizer. I won't even talk your ears off about these products, lol. If you missed our reviews check them out: here, here & here. Also check out what a couple of friends from the protective styling challenge are saying by clicking here.

As you can see the luscious balanced cream moisturizer is the BOMB! lol I can't even sugar coat it. LOVE that stuff, it really is the best moisturizer I have used. I have been styling A's hair by using the luscious moisturizer then applying the curly butter ontop and we have had great results!

We have a discount code for Beads, Braids & Beyond readers! This discount code is good until the end of June.

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I repeat 10% off with $15 minimum purchase CODE: BBB

Remember, this is only good until the end of June! If you are having a hard time deciding what to get please feel free to email me.

Happy Shopping!