Chunky Two Strand Twist Swimming Update


After 6-7 times swimming in the pool last week, A's Chunky Two Strand Twists did not do too well. The first picture above is what her twists looked like yesterday, they were quite frizzy and several twists unraveled. The second picture is what her hair looked like when I took the twists out and slightly detangled with my fingers. After detangling I put her hair in 4 large, loose single braids to prepare for washing. I was supposed to wash her hair earlier today but she ended up going swimming before I got a chance.

As you can see in the picture below, her big loose braids all came undone. lol She actually still had one braid in the back that didn't come all the way undone.


After she was done swimming I:
  • Rinsed her hair with water and washed her scalp with Bee Mine Shampoo (our weekly shampoo wash)
  • After washing her scalp and rinsing the shampoo I took about three handfuls of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner and loaded her hair up with it.
  • I left the conditioner in and we headed upstairs so I could finger detangle her hair. Her hair was quite tangled from swimming with it all out so it took about 30 minutes to completely finger detangle her hair. When I finger detangle her hair I first gently run my fingers through her hair to remove any big knots/tangles, I then section her hair into four sections and work on each section. I take about an inch of hair in each section, smooth the conditioner over her (wet) hair, and start to gently pull apart each curl "clump" that has wrapped around another curl. I then smooth my fingers over the section again, if it feels smooth I move on to the next, if I feel a knot/tangle or "lump" I continue to separate the curls. I am very gentle when I do this. When I come across a knot/tangle and it does not easily glide apart I will stop, pick up only that section, and gently pull the hair in an up and downward motion until it comes apart.
  • After finger detangling each section I braided it up (conditioner still in) and placed a plastic cap over her hair. She took a nap so she has had the conditioner in for about 2 hours. I will be rinsing very soo then moisturizing her hair with Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer then banding in about 4 sections with ouchless bands for the night.

It looks like we will be swimming a lot this Summer. Probably every day or every other day. Twists are obviously not our swimming friends. lol I think I will be restyling her hair tomorrow in some type of braids.

What's going on with your childs hair lately?