Chunky Two Strand Twists


For the last week of our Protective Styling Challenge I decided to keep it simple and do some chunky two strand twists in A's hair. I pulled it half up for the first day and added a bow. She has been swimming this week and they have held up fairly well.

  • Start with completely (properly) detangled well moisturized hair (we used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer)
  • Split the hair into two. Parting from the middle of the front of the head all the way back to the middle of the neck.
  • Tie one side off with an ouchless ponytail holder to get it out of the way and begin grabbing large sections of hair. Parting with a comb is not necessary for this style. Add your product of choice to the section of hair (we used Bee Mine Curly Butter), split your large section into two and proceed to twist the two sections of hair around one another. Roll the ends between your pointer finger and thumb so they hold better.
  • Continue grabbing large sections, adding your product of choice, and twisting the hair. Repeat on the other side until your style is complete.

As I stated, she has been swimming this week in our little backyard pool.


For now, her hair routine when she goes swimming is very basic.

Swimming Routine:

Maintaining this style is very simple. Moisturize as needed and cover with a satin bonnet at night. Retwist any twists as needed with your product of choice. This style should last up to one week.