Hair Share!

Thanks to the mother's who sent in pictures for this weeks Hair Share! Click here to see how you can participate in next week's Hair Share!

Donna shared how she organizes her hair products and accessories, I love this idea!

Donna writes:

"A while back you had a post on bead organization and I thought I'd share what I use. It's by Craft Mates and basically, it's a case with 8 storage boxes. Each storage box has 7 individual compartments that open individually. The best part is the lock closed when you snap them shut and you have to hold down a button on the end of the box to open any of the compartments. Great if you're doing a toddler's hair! My daughter still makes a mess with the beads that I'm using but not with the whole collection of beads.

For organizing I use the scrapbooking bag in the pictures shown. I could end up doing hair in any place in the house so this bag is really handy for carrying our day-to-day essentials. The things in the bag vary in some of the pictures because they were taken on different days lol. The rest of our stash is stored in the basement and in the bottom drawer in one of our bathrooms. Compared to tote boxes, I love that it has handles! And compared to a regular bag, I love that it has compartments! We got the bag at Michael's using the 40% off coupon. I think it ran me $14 Canadian. And we don't even use all the compartments yet."


Kristen shared some older styles she did on her cutie Avi

Kristen also shared this picture she took while she was at Claires. They have a bunch of cute 4th of July hair accessories!

Crystal shared this adorable style she did on her beautiful daughter, Cadance. She did flat twists all the way back into just moisturized hair.

Aisha sent in some older pictures of her cutie Anisa when they were on vacation.

MeLaine shared this nice style done on her 7 year old beautiful daughter!

Andrea sent in this picture of her adorable little girl "L". Also check out Andrea's blog here she has posted about lots of great deals and accessories she has found.

Too cute! Thanks again for sending in pictures. I also loved the organization pictures and the hair accessory picture! Make sure you send in pictures for next week. :)