Single Braids with a Bow

Repost from 2009


This is a cute, very fast and simple style you can do on your little girl!

  • Start with wet/damp well moisturized properly detangled hair.
  • Part the hair with the end of a metal rat tail comb (or other comb) from just infront of the ear, all the way to the other side.
  • Put your top section into a side ponytail with stretchy ponytail holder (Preferably Goody Ouchless- Please make sure you are not wrapping the ponytail holder too tight!). Braid two single braids in that section (how many braids you do will vary depending on how thick/thin your childs hair is).
  • Next part from just behind the hair all the way to the other ear. Tie off the very bottom section to get it out of your way. You are now going to begin working on your section section. Part a large box in the middle of your second section. Tie it off with a ponytail holder and do one big single braid. You will now have a section of hair on the right, and one on the left, they will resemble triangles. Tie off those sections and do one braid in each section.
  • You now have your very last section of hair. Simply part straight down the middle, tie off both sections and do one braid in each section.
  • Accessorize. I added a bow to the top secton and medium sized bow barrettes to the bottom of each braid.