Slanted Cornrows into a Puff

Repost from 2009


  • Start with completely detangled, damp, well moisturized hair.
  • If you do not know how to cornrow, please click *here* for my cornrowing instructions.
  • Starting on the right side of the head, near the right ear part out your first cornrow, you will curve this cornrow going "in" toward the right ear. This cornrow should be about the width of your middle finger. Make sure you add your choice of styling product to each section that you cornrow to help with the hold.
  • Continue parting on the right side of the head about half way back with a slight curve.
  • Once you get to the top of the head, switch from your right side to your left side.
  • You will basically be doing the same thing on your left side. Part out your first section of hair on the left side near the ear with a curve, going "in" towards the left ear. Continue until you "run in to" your right side.
  • You will now have hair left out in the middle of the head. It will look similar to the shape of a triangle. You want to part off sections of hair going towards the right side. I cornrowed 4 sections of hair in that triangle area.
  • After cornrowing her hair, I put the back in a puff and she was all done!

Maintaining this style:
  • Remove ponytail holder each night and moisturize the hair/puff. You can use a spray moisturizer on the cornrows or you can simply rub a little leave-in/moisturizer over the cornrows.
  • Try to have your child sleep with a satin bonnet or satin pillowcase each night.
  • In the morning, remove satin bonnet, put hair back into a puff, moisturize and fluff.
  • For less tangles, finger comb the hair each night. For even less tangles, after finger combing twist/braid the hair in about 3-4 big twists/braids and remove in the morning.