So OVER Photobucket!

Bandwidth exceeded, once again.

Yes it's my fault for uploading so many pictures and not wanting to pay the $25 upgrade fee. lol But I am so over Photobucket! I will be using the Blogger feature from here on out. I didn't want to use it because it seems to distort all of the pictures but I *think* it's fixed now.

So basically, if you take a look at the Style Gallery you will see that it is EMPTY! Yes, we went from hundreds of styles to none. lol It wasn't done anyway so I'm not too upset. I will be fixing it all shortly. In the mean time, I will start reposting all of the older styles so I can link them from the pictures I post in the style gallery. Once I have it all fixed it will take you directly to the tutorial with more pictures.

Also, if you had my button on your page/blog/website then it probably got a message saying Bandwith exceeded (thanks photobucket!) I have fixed the codes so if you can be a dear and fix it on your page/blog/website that would be great.

I appreciate your patience! :)

Thanks everyone,