8-Year-Old Removed from Class for Smell of Her Hair

I have been a little MIA (basement flooded, I'll save that for another post) so I am sure most of you have heard about this by now. I would like to thank Anisa for bringing this to my attention over the weekend.

I am just shocked at this story. A little girl was removed from her (honors) class because her teacher said she was allergic to the smell of the product in her hair. I actually used to use this product (Organic Root Stimulator Moisturizing Hair Lotion) on my daughters hair (before I knew it had mineral oil) and I actually liked the smell. For this to take an entire school year before the teacher found out she was allergic to it raises a huge red flad.

I cannot imagine my daughter being removed from her class and being told that well....it was because of her hair. And for me to never be contacted about it? To never be told your honor student is being moved to another class that is not even on her level because of the SMELL of her hair? Wow! Let me take a breather.

Click here to read the fathers article.

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