Bee Mine BEE-U-TI-FUL Deep Conditioner Coming Soon! + Blog Updates!

As you all may know, I have been using Bee Mine Products in A's hair for over 1 month now and have been loving the results. You may have seen me rave over the Curly Butter and Luscious Moisturizer in one of the forums, love that combo for styling!

So I got word that Bee Mine has a new Deep Conditioner coming out! Whhhhaaat?! Honestly, when I originally visited their website I was a little surprised that they didn't already have a deep conditioner, so this is great! I immediately went to their website to see if it was there but all I found was the above image. Now, I'm not sure when it's coming out exactly, but it says Coming Soon, so........soon? lol If I find out the exact date it's coming out I will most definitely let you all know. Remember, code: BBB gets you 10% off a minimum purchase of $15. Only good until the end of June!

 While I was there browsing I scrolled down their main page and saw they have a new product called Bee Lovely Moisturizing Conditioner (pictured on the left, isn't the bottle cute?). Nice! They are also carrying larger sized products! (I saw a 128oz Gallon of their Avocado conditioner...that's A LOT! lol)

Incase you missed any of our Bee Mine reviews: here, here & here. Also, if you have been following our Protective Styling Challenge then you know several of the participants have tried some of the products as well, so check out those posts to read what they think of them!

On another note, because I don't want to make a totally different post, I will be having some updates soon!

Look out for the following:
  • Style Gallery will be back up soon. This time I am going to make each photo a bit larger, and instead of adding all of them at once, I will add them as I post the styles. So all of the styles that are already posted on the blog will definitely be there! I will make the photo clickable so when you click it it will take you directly to the tutorial along with other pictures of the style.
  • A lot of styles should be added soon. They are older styles (Alicia Keys Braids, X Cornrow, Veil Ribbon, etc), but if you're new to the blog (before the picture incident) then they will be new to you!
  • A's Routine will be added soon as well as Lil Man's Routine!
  • I am creating a FAQ section. So if you have any questions you would like answered don't hesitate to ask (through comment or email)!
  • GIVEAWAY'S! I have a few things planned. ;) Be sure to always check back for updates!
I may have forgotten something, if so I will come back and edit. As you all know, I am always open to new suggestions and ideas so feel free to shoot me an email, I love hearing from you all!