Q.O.T.W: Family members...helping or harming?


I was wondering if any of your family members have ever crossed the line when it comes to your childs hair? I have read stories of family members cutting, relaxing, painfully combing (etc) a childs hair without the parents permission...

Has any of the above ever happened to you and how did you handle it?

As for us...

I am going to try to make this very long story short. When A was 2 years old her Aunt braided her hair and added beads. Well, my Grandmother (A's Great Grandma) thought she was helping me by removing the beads. She removed all of the beads on the right side of her head by cutting the end bead off each braid. I'm not sure how she didn't realize she was cutting her hair off but A's right side is a little shorter than her left side. I honestly wanted to cry. In fact, I may have. lol I knew she didn't understand the beading process so I just explained it all to her and left it at that. She felt pretty bad and (thankfully) it never happened again.

I have a couple of other stories but nothing compares to that. Your turn!