Q.O.T.W: How do you offer hair advice to strangers?


Lately I have been feeling a little obligated to help strangers with their children's hair care. Now I think there's a fine line that should not be crossed. I know to a lot of people they think because the hair is all out and natural it is not properly cared for (not true!). Some people think only hair that is styled in braids or ponytails is properly cared for. However, I think I know the difference between hair that is well cared for and hair that is not.

I saw a little girl with her (I assume to be) grandmother at Walgreens the other day. The girl looked to be maybe around the age of 8 with beautiful curly hair, similar to my daughters hair. I could tell from a distance how dry it was and I saw that she had breakage, especially in the nape area (much shorter than the rest of her hair, hanging out of her ponytail). I really wanted to pull the grandmother aside and offer her some advice or ask her if she needed any advice but I didn't want to her offend her either so I didn't say anything. I thought about that little girl and her hair for a couple of days and wished I would have said something. So...

How do you offer hair advice to strangers (when you know the hair is not properly cared for)? Have you ever done it? How did you approach the situation? How did they react?