Sidewinder Hair Holders Review & Giveaway!

Hair Holders and Hair Styles

Price: Each set = $4.99. Includes one 3″, two 2″, two 1″

Review:When I first saw Sidewinder Hair Holders I thought they looked really interesting. I had never seen anything like them so they were certainly unique. When I received the hair holders I immediately tried them on my hair first. FAIL! I easily put the first sidewinder hair holder on a section on my hair, I then took the other sidewinder hair holder and tried to push it into the other one. I thought it would fit like a puzzle. I was wrong....very wrong. This is what happens when you only watch half of their video. I went to their website to watch the entire video this time:

PIECE OF CAKE! When you put the first sidewinder hair holder on, you make room at the bottom to "wind up" the other hair holder. You have to make sure you don't try to use it on too much hair though. You have to work on small/medium sections. If you do it the right way, it's easy peasy. It winds right on up. I like that you don't have to use anything on the ends. They just hold in place! No rubberbands, no snaps, nothing! So there's no damage to those ends! Of course, you can use rubberbands if you would like, but for the three styles I did I didn't find it necessary. Also, sometimes it can take a while to put beads on a beader, then put it on a braid, then do it all over again. These are a great alternative to beads and they take less than half the time to put in. A loved the look of the hair holders. She called them "curlies". She also requested I put some in my hair so I walked around the house one day with some in. I still have several styles I would like to try with the hairholders. I really like that you can do a simple style but make it look unique by simply adding Sidewinder Hair Holders. You can mix the colors up for a fun and playful look!

Two three strand twisted ponytails in the front, natural curls in the back.

Princess Tiara Bun. Split three triangles ontop, place each section in a ponytail/elastic. Split your first triangle ontop into two sections, do three strand twists, add sidewinder, then tie each section to the back triangles. Continue doing three strand twists all the way down and add another sidewinder hair holder. For the bun I simply flipped her hair back and pinned it.

Criss Cross Cornrow Headband: Click here for instructions.

Now I know our readers are very creative. I would LOVE to see what some of you can do with these! So....



Sidewinder Hair Holders has offered FOUR of you a set of hair holders. You choose the color!

We're going to do the giveaway a little different this time. I am going to use to choose the winner! This giveaway runs from June 18th-25th. The winner will be announced on June 26th.

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