Summer Shopping

You probably know from the previous post I have been a little MIA because our basement flooded last week. Everything is okay now though! This is way off topic but I know you all love to shop and I know some of us like similar things so I thought I would share a few things I picked up for A and Lil Man over the weekend. They both have more than enough clothes but you know as a parent you always make your way over to the children's section.

First I headed to Target. They had lots of Hello Kitty stuff! I think everything was reasonably priced. (I know several of you are HK fans!)

Top: $7.99 Skirt: $12.99

Top: $7.99 Skirt: $12.99

Romper: $14.99

Top: $7.99 Shorts: $7.99 Sandals: $7.99

Hello Kitty bows to match Hello Kitty outfits: $4.50 per pack of 3 Buy One Get One Half Off

Jordans: $64.99

Her father found a few things at Marshall's to go with her Jordans.

Jordan Outfit: $10 (On sale! It's actually for boys but she can rock it!)

Funny story, the day after the Jordans and Jordan outfit was purchased I walked in A's room to find she had laid it all out as if she was getting ready to go somewhere. Kids!

Baby Phat shirts: $10 each

Now for Gymboree

The kiddos 4th of July outfits. I actually bought the shorts to go with A's shirt but had to take them back because I got the wrong size and of course they didn't have them so I came home and ordered them online.  *these* are the shorts I ordered. A's top was $10.33 and the shorts were $13.83. I was also going to buy the heart sandals they had to match but when the cashier scanned them she said the system would not let me purchase because "they didn't meet quality standards" so that was a little disappointing.

Lil Man's outfit: Hat: $8.93 Shorts/swim trunks: $13.83 Shirt: $10.33

Natural beauty tank: $5.59 White shorts with flowers: $11.89 Purple Shorts: $11.19 (she can wear her Jordans with this too.) I also ordered *these* sunglasses to match and *this* korker ponytail holder because they didn't have them in stores.

Just a heads up for the Gymboree fans, they are currently having a 30% off EVERYTHING sale which has been going on for a week or so now so get stuff while you can! I also used this code: 11A9MBSQH180889 to get an extra 15% off the things I ordered online.

Happy Shopping!