Where I Buy Our Flexi-rods

Some of you may know that I love flexi-rods. I have used them on my hair and my daughters hair. Click *here* to see some pictures. Many of you have asked me where I buy our flexi-rods for such a low price. I wish it was a world wide store, but unfortunately it's not. I buy our flexi-rods (they are called twist rods on the packs) from a family owned "$1 Store" (yes, that's the name on the sign). They come in a variety of sizes and they are all $2.50 per pack. I bought some large (1 1/4") flexi-rods today. There are three per pack. I also picked up two pink satin pillowcases for $1 each.

I have seen different brand flexi-rods being sold at ridiculously high prices. I guess they are ridiculous to me since I can get them for so cheap but I highly suggest you all check out your family owned dollar stores. If they don't have any, ask them if they would be able to order some. It doesn't hurt to try, right?

Note: I have had our orange flexi-rods for over 1 year now and they still work great!

Edit: I googled "Response Twist Rods" and *this* website came up. They cost a little more than what I pay for them, not sure how much shipping is but I thought I would post it anyway. Another edit: They are located in London so shipping is probably a little high. Sorry!