Book Review: I LOVE My Cotton Candy Hair!


While browsing the internet recently trying to find new books for Anisa I came across a book that I have since grown to love!! The title of the book is I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair by Nicole Updegraff. The book is the first in the upcoming series, A girl named Charlie presents….Stories about loving yourself the way you are!

The story centers on Charlie, a caring, fun-loving little girl who is beginning to deal with issues of self-acceptance while trying to fit in. I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair focuses on Charlie celebrating her love for her hair. It begins with Charlie describing what she likes and dislikes about her hair. She loves that it is curly and twisty but she admits that it is sometimes fuzzy and hard to comb. Despite having a few knots here and there, Charlie still declares her love for her hair.

She continues her praise by describing the many styles that she is able to achieve with her cotton candy hair. Her praise doesn’t stop with her own hair. She also compliments her friends and family members. Charlie concludes her adoration of her friends and family by saying, “all that hair is pretty and fun… BUT I LOVE being me and everything that comes with it!”

Anisa and I love this story! It is nice to have books like this to reinforce to our children that they are beautiful. Far too often they are shown a different view of what is considered the norm. It is wonderful to have resources that show children who resemble them as well as deal with the same problems. We will definitely cherish Charlie’s story while making our own stories and creating memories of Anisa’s love for her own cotton candy hair.


I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair is currently available on Amazon for $12.99.

Click here to visit Nicole Updegraff’s website.

An excerpt from her website:

For the author, this series was born of necessity. Many new parents take joy in finding fun, substantive reading material for their child and Nicole was no different. After having her first daughter she often found herself searching bookstores and libraries only to leave empty handed. In time she became increasingly disappointed in the fact that she couldn’t quite find what she was longing for; fun and charming books for really young children with stories that have a message of absolute self-love and acceptance. After years of hoping ‘someone’ would create what she was looking for, she married her love of writing with her love of children’s artwork and created something herself. In doing so she not only developed a children's book series aimed at giving all children an encouraging view of themselves, but she also created a series character we haven’t seen before, one of mixed race, which is based after her oldest daughter, four year old Charlie.