Braided Cornrow Star

Bumping this back up for 4th of July

Repost from 2009


I did this style on A last year for 4th of July. I thought I would go ahead and repost it because 4 of July is coming up, my main reason is The Children's Place have bows very similar to the ones I used (from Gymboree) out right now. Click *here* to see the bows. They are 2 packs for $5 (so that's 4 bows) The Children's Place hair accessories usually sell out pretty quickly so you might want to get on it!


  • Start with completely detangled, moisturized hair
  • Start parting a middle part in hair with your rat tail comb, part about 3 inches back
  • Start parting your star. You will be parting 5 triangles. This may seem difficult but it's just like drawing a star on paper, only you're using a comb in hair. Much like the cornrow heart style
  • Tie off any hair that is left out of your star
  • After completely parting your star, you will start adding cornrows around the star. This is not a continous cornrow. You will actually be making 10 small cornrows along each corner of the cornrow. You will start at each point of the star and cornrow down, going towards the middle of the star. Once you get to the end of the cornrow, do a regular braid about 1 inch down and leave the rest of the hair out.
  • Once you add all 10 cornrows around the star, put all of the hair from the star in a ponytail, this will be in the middle of your star. Do single braids or twists, as many as you want, and add your accessories.
  • For the hair that is left out around the star, you can add separate ponytails. I added two in the front and two in the back, did single braids, and added beads.

We got the kids 4th of July pictures done as well. Unfortunately they didn't cooperate so the best picture we got of the two of them together was kind of silly. lol I still like it though. :)

By the way, A's outfit (her skirt was an American flag) along with her hair accessories was from Gymboree. They have a new line out this year, it's cute but I'm not as impressed as last year.