The Cutest Hello Kitty Outfit + 50 cent Goody Accessories?!

Where? Target!
Shirt: $7.99 Vest: $12.99 Skirt: $14.99

Hat: $9.99

Shoes: Clearance $7.48 (was $14.99)

Necklace: $4.99 Bracelet: $3.99 Hair Clips: $3.99

Close up of the belt buckle

Target also had several other (new) Hello Kitty things. They had a cute hoodie that matches this outfit and some sweat pants. I saw 4 other new Hello Kitty shirts and other hair stuff, bracelets, and a purse. I didn't take my camera in the store this time so I couldn't get it all for you. She LOVES this outfit! She has been wearing the hat since we got She loves her "sparkly shoes".

Ok on to the 0.50 cent Goody Hair Accessories. I was at a store called Gabriel Brothers (hope I got that right, it's a discount store) and saw they had lots of Goody hair accessories for CHEAP! Check them out, they are adorable!