Back To School Shopping!

I wanted to share some of the items I got A for back to school. I think I got some pretty good deals, and I know you all love to why not? I would also love to hear what you all got for the kiddos or if you've found any good deals lately!


I picked up some things from Gymboree's Smart Girls Rule line while they had their 40% off sale and I got Gymbucks!

Tie Polo: $15 Plaid Skort: $20 Bow Shoe: $20
Smart Girls Rule Shirt: $15 Striped Skort: $20

Korkers: $3.75/each Headband: $7 Necklace: $10 Watch: $10 Socks: $6/each

Patch Cap: $10 Backpack: $20

The Children's Place

I didn't buy the first two outfits on sale but The Children's Place has been having great sales lately. I thought these sets were perfect for school, especially for young children. Nice and comfy!
Butterfly Hoodie: $19.50 Butterfly Shirt: $14.50 Butterfly Capri: $14.50 Shoes: $14.50

Cupcake Hoodie: $19.50 Cupcake Shirt: $14.50 Cupcake Capri: $14.50 Cupcake Shoes: $14.50

Hoodie: $10.00 Shirt: $14.50 Capri: $10.00

Tiara Shirt: $10.00 Cami: $7.50 Tiara Ponytail Holders: 2 for $5

Crazy8 & Old Navy

I found an online promo code for Old Navy so I got a few dollars off the shirts and I shopped Crazy8's sale items during their 25% off sale, I also got Crazy Cash!

Old Navy Shirt: $7.50 Crazy8 Korkers: $6 for both Crazy8 Flats: $17.06
Crazy8 Ruffle Trench: $20.24 Crazy8 Beret: $5.99
Old Navy Shirt: $7.50 Crazy8 Korkers: $4.50 for both Crazy8 Flats: $17.06

Crazy8 Knit Blazer: $15.74

Crazy8 Jeans: $8.99/each

Crazy8 Flats: $17.06

Crazy8 Necklace: $4.87 Crazy8 Bracelet: $3.74

Jordans: $65

Burlington Coat Factory
HK Backpack: $10

All Accessories

All Shoes

All Bags (By the way, the plaid purse with the dog was $10)

I purchased this stuff during the last 1.5-2 months of Summer. I also purchased several things from TJ Maxx during the Summer (not pictured) and you know TJ Maxx always has a good deal.

Since Gymboree is a little more expensive than I'd like, I almost always buy stuff when it's on sale. They always have a sale so check out their website and sign up for their mailing list to be notified. Also try shopping when you're able to earn GymBucks. You earn $25 Gymbucks for every $50 you spend, then they have a period when you can redeem those GymBucks. It's like real cash in their store. If you have one GymBucks ($25 Gymbucks) when you get $50 worth of stuff you only have to pay $25. See how it works? Same goes for Crazy8 Crazy Cash, only you get $20 for every $40 spent. Both Gymbucks and Crazy Cash are going on right now!

Also, if there is an option for you to enter a promo code online, ALWAYS look for a promo code! Just google "Store name here promo code" will find one! I always find promo codes.

I ordered a cute Junk Food T-shirt from GAP to match the Crazy8 Pink Ruffle Coat but unfortunately they sent me the wrong shirt and their customer service has been horrible so needless to say I will never order from their website again. I'll post the shirt once I (finally) get the right one though.

I also want to add, you can find printable coupons for a lot of stores as well, so once again- Google is your friend! I believe Finishline has a $10 off coupon on their website.

And remember, sign up for those rewards cards! I have a rewards card with several stores including Gymboree and Finishline. favorite "tip", I almost always buy clothes/shoes a size or two bigger so the kids can grow in to them. So far it has worked like a charm and their stuff really lasts.

Anyone else have some shopping tips? Do share!