She Wants to Comb Her Own Hair


A has been very interested in learning to comb her own hair lately. Her cousin was over last weekend and asked A if she combs her own hair. She replied, "No, my mama will teach me." then her cousin went on and on about how she combs her own hair.

A thinks all the "big girls" comb their own hair. She thinks she's a big girl so decided to give it a try. Pictured above are the end results.

Looks like I will be working with her a little more on the combing. I'll let her give it a try next time we wash her hair.

Still...I'm a little sad that she wants to comb her own hair. lol Does that sound silly? I knew it would happen, but not this early. I am happy she is showing interest in caring for her own hair though.

For those of you with older girls, how did you teach them to properly comb their hair?