Small Box Braids Curled With Curlformers

As previously mentioned, we have been very busy lately. Why didn't anyone tell me Fall was such a busy season?! Although I have been dying to try new things, from products to styles, I just don't have the time right now. I chose box braids (a favorite!) because they are long lasting and oh so versatile. Don't believe me? Search box braids in the search box, you will find lots of ideas! I'm sure I will be trying a few things from Guest Blogger Aisha's getting creative with box braids post. These are the smallest box braids I have done in A's hair, she has (I'm guessing) about 80 total. I wanted to make these much smaller but I knew that would be very time consuming so I settled for these. I think (hope!) we will get at least 3 weeks out of them. Oh, I guess I should add, she LOVES it! :)


What her hair looked like when we started and what her hair looked like when we finished.


Curlformers in.

At this point, I don't think you will need another set of instructions on box braids so I will just leave you with this short bullet list of things you may want to know:
  • This style took about 4 hours. I split it into two days, did a little more than half on the first day, then finished the rest the next day.
  • After washing and detangling her hair, I banded it up for one night. This didn't stretch her hair out very much, but it worked out fine. (see picture above)
  • I used Bee Mine Products for these box braids. I added a small amount of luscious moisturizer to each section, then a bit of curly butter on top.
  • I wet her braids and added about 8 Long & Extra Wide Curlformers to her braids.
  • These gave her box braids a loose curl, next time I will use the extra long & wide Curlformers. Last time they gave her braids some gorgeous, long lasting curls.
  • I previously mentioned this, but I'll say it again. I always braid in the direction I want the braids to go. So on top for example, when I had about half of the right side done, I started braiding the rest of the right side to the left because I wanted them to fall that way for her side ponytail. Plus, I always love a side part.

I hope that about covers it! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The back. It was interesting because when I pushed her braids to the front, they curled up a lot more.