Chunky Twist Out Part 2 + We Saw Tangled!


A's Thanksgiving twist out was rained on and slept on so the next day I decided to re-twist her hair. I spritzed her hair with water, added a little Bee Mine Curly Butter to a large section, detangled with our modified Denman D3 brush and started twisting. Instead of 10 twists like last time, she had about 12 twists. This time around I decided to split each section up into 2-3 parts. I used my fingers to fluff the roots and hide any visible parts and she was good to go!

We decided to go see the movie 'Tangled' today in 3D. If you're a Facebook friend then you probably know I was a little hesitant to see it because Rapunzel is pretty much what the media portrays as (most) beautiful and I was a little worried about what A would think. The movie was really cute though! We both enjoyed it. I admit, I got choked up a couple of times towards the end but I sucked it up like a champ. ;) I loved the 3D effects! This was our first time seeing a movie in 3D so it was really cool for the both of us. I do have an issue though, what is up with these movie prices?! I'm not even going to tell you what I spent on just the two of us for tickets and food. What ever happened to $1 movies and sneaking in food? :P

Have you seen the movie Tangled? Thoughts?