Diva Spotlight: Brianna & Brittney



Tell us a little about yourself & your daughters:

My name is Jamesha Bazemore and my 3 year old twin’s names are Brianna (red) and Brittney (orange). We are all natural. Our hair types are too long to list, so we’ll just say that we’re a bit coily and curly.

What is your daughters hair care routine?

I wash their hair once every two weeks. I use black soap to shampoo their hair, apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse and follow that up with EVOO as a conditioner. I then use a mixture of aloe vera juice and distilled water as a leave-in/ natural detangler. I seal in the moisture with my herbal infused oils and then style with my olive/ shea butter mixture. I have recipes on my website, www.EbonysBraidery.webs and I also have a natural hair care line called ImaniJoi Naturals – Natural Hair Care for Children.

What kind of products do you use on their hair?

I make 100% of their hair products. I began doing research on making my own products when they were a year old. They have eczema and we faced many challenges from it, such as, hair loss and extremely dry skin.

Have you ever used chemicals on their hair?

As a natural stylist I know the effects of using harsh chemicals and I will never allow them to relax their hair and I will teach them by example to embrace and love their Nappturally beautiful hair.

How do your daughters feel about their hair?

My girls love their hair. They like to help me style the others hair and they love beads and wearing the flower clippies and hair bows that I make for them.

If you had to share one hair care tip, what would it be?

If I had to share one hair care tip it would be that maintaining moisture is key to promoting hair growth.


How cute are these girls?! Love them! Sounds like mommy is doing a great job. Make sure you check out http://www.EbonysBraidery.webs for more of Jamesha's amazing work.


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