Sophisticate's Black Hair Styles and Hair Care Guide (An Update!)

Remember when I made this post about my disappointment in Sophisticate's Black Hair Styles and Hair Care Guide? Well, I never heard back from them. In fact, one of our readers posted the link to my post on their Facebook page only to have it deleted. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to pick up their magazine and see a curly cutie in the children's section with 20 hair care tips. I didn't get a chance to read through all the tips but I was able to snap some pictures. I guess they heard us! I'm going to keep an eye on the magazine, I would love to see more of this. Thanks to those of you who emailed. :)

"20 Best Child Style Haircare Tips You Need to Know"
  1. The key to healthy hair begins with a good diet.
  2. Develope a regular cleansing regimen.
  3. When caring for thin hair, find the right styling products.
  4. There is no one drying technique for all hair textures.
  5. Choise hair accessories that fit your child's age and character.
  6. Prevent flyaways using styling products sparingly.
  7. Minimize heat styling as much as possible.
  8. If you don't have the time to style hair, opt for low maintience looks. (suggests braids, twists and cornrows)
  9. If your child wears braids, make sure the scalp stays moisturized.
  10. Choose hair accessories wisely.
  11. Always use a leave-in conditioner with curly hair.
  12. Avoid too-tight hair styles, as they may lead to breakage and hair loss.
  13. When detangling the hair, always use a wide-tooth comb.
  14. Play with hair accessories but remember to take care of the hair.
  15. Keep it simple but have fun with different hairstyles.
  16. Add flair using synthetic pieces.
  17. Coarse hair requires a lot of moisture.
  18. Wrap the hair in a silk bonnet or hair net at night.
  19. Avoid relaxers until the early teen years.
  20. All tools should be sanitized.