Mini Twists: More Info + Your Questions Answered

Here's the mini twist post I promised! These were inspired by KinkyKurlyQueen, I posted her video earlier, you can view that here.

I shampooed A's scalp on Wednesday night using Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Shampoo. I rinsed the shampoo and I deep conditioned her hair for 15 minutes with Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner. I just left it in while she played in the tub. I rinsed the deep conditioner, got her out of the tub and added a generous amount of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer. I put her hair in 4 large cornrows to stretch it out for styling. She wore her hair in the 4 large cornrows the next day. That night, I decided to try to do her mini twists. I removed her cornrows and added a generous amount of virgin coconut oil (Vitamin Shoppe's brand) to her hair. I split her hair from ear to ear and tied off the top section. I looked at the back of her hair and began to feel a little overwhelemed. It wasn't as stretched out as I would have liked and I wasn't sure how I should part her hair so I just began parting sections at the nape. I added a tiny bit of Bee Mine Curly Butter to each section and immediately knew it was just too heavy for her tiny twists. Maybe it was a combo of the curly butter and coconut oil but it wasn't working. I did about 6 mini twists and after noticing how loose the twists were at the roots I threw in the towel.

I decided to band her hair in 4 sections and work on it the next day. And that's what I did. The next day I removed the bands from the back section of her hair. Her hair was already parted from ear to ear. I took another look at KinkyCurlyQueen's mini twist picture and decided this time I would part at an angle, or slant. See picture below.

Already her twists looked better from the day before so I just continued parting at an angle and twisting. This made the process go by much quicker. After the back section was down I moved to the top right section. I parted at an angle from about her forehead to right infront of her right ear. I continued parting at an angle (or slant) the entire time until I was completely finished with her twists. I highly recommend parting sections off (about 3 or 4) and parting at an angle the entire time. Finish one section at a time.

I got some questions on our Facebook page about the twists so I decided to answer them here, too.

How long did the mini twists take?
They took about 6 1/2 hours but we took breaks, changed positions, watched some DVD's, etc.

What products did you use?
The products were already added the day before. I used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Vitamine Shoppe's brand). Next time I will not be so heavy handed with the coconut oil, lol.

Are these sister twists or regular two strand twists?
These are regular two strand twists. I didn't make them as small as KinkyKurlyQueen but I did them exactly how she did them in her video.

Did you blow dry her hair?
No, I do not blow dry her hair. I banded her hair in 4 sections.

How long will you leave these in?
As long as they will last! I will be happy with 3-4 weeks.

I have never done twists this small on A's hair before so this will be a learning process for me as well. I have no idea what to expect. I don't know how long they will last, though I'm hoping for 3-4 weeks at least. A absolutely LOVES it! I asked her what she thought and she looked in the mirror with a big smile and started giggling. We're going to have some fun styling these so check back for updates!