Part 1: Valentine's Day Hair Share!

I had no idea that so many people would participate in Valentine's Day Hair Share! I am so excited because we haven't had a Hair Share in so long and now we're starting it back up with a bang. I received so many submissions that I had to split them into a Part 1 and Part 2 so check back later for Part 2. Thank you all so much for sharing!

In no particular order...

#1 Shared by Holly:

#2 Shared by Katie:

#3 shared by Melany:

#4 shared by Michelle:

#5 shared by Amber:

#6 shared by Drea (Vday mohawk):

#7 shared by Kourtney:

#8 shared by Maritza:

#9 shared by Kimberly:

#10 shared by Rebecca:

#11 shared by Jo'Nelle:

#12 shared by Cory:

Don't forget to stop by later for Part 2 of Valentine's Day Hair Share!