She Cut Her Hair

Guest Blogger, Aisha, shares her experience with her daughter cutting her hair. Read below.

Guess what Anisa did!? That's right!! She cut her hair!! Saying that she chopped it off would be more accurate!! I styled her hair into some ponytails Sunday night. On Monday night I told her to get the hair stuff so I could touch up her hair before bed. I started in the back and undid one twist. As soon as I took down the first twist, hair started falling into my hands!!! You can imagine what was going through my mind!! What did I do?? Did I use the wrong thing??? I was terrified!!! Then I looked closer! The portion of the ponytail was cut in a perfectly straight line!! If the hair had broken off for some reason, it wouldn't look like that. Immediately I asked: "Did you cut your hair?"
Anisa: *Tears* "Yes! I didn't mean to...."
I was crushed!! I had a handful of hair in my hand and there was nothing I could do about it!

Here's what happened:
My brother bought Anisa a bead set for Christmas and she was trying to make a necklace. She was trying to cut the string/cord for the necklace while it was still around her neck and inadvertently cut her hair.
Needless to say, she lost access to her scissors! Lol!! I was upset but what could I do?? I tried my best to hide it. What was once two ponytails became one chopped ponytail formed into cornrows that led into the other ponytail.

She first cut her hair in May during the protective style challenge. It was in the front that time and it was on purpose!! I hope she won't do it again!!