Mini Box Braids

Guest Blogger, Aisha, shares the style she created after stretching hair with the African Hair Threading method.

  • Anisa's hair was threaded for 3 days. This wasn't the original plan, but she got sick so I had to let her rest. I released the bottom portion first. Releasing the thread was very easy and her hair was nicely stretched. You can see the results of her scissor fiasco! :-/
  • I plan to do small box braids on her hair and leave them in for about 3 weeks. Once I take the braids down, she will get a trim.I used my shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil mixture while braiding her hair. Since Anisa has eczema, her scalp (and the rest of her body) tend to get itchy. I've found that this mixture helps her. She recently had to get her first prescription meds for her eczema. The cold weather was not kind to her skin this year :-(
  • The back is complete.
  • I released the top threads before bedtime and made a couple of ponytails for school. I also gathered the box braids into one ponytail.
  • The following day I finished braiding both sides and added a simple bun on the top.
  • I added ouchless bands to give her braids a crinkly effect. This can also be achieved by braiding or plaiting the braids together.