Mini Twists Twisted Back / 21 Day Update

Well, we're on day 21 of A's mini twists. Today I spritzed her twists with water and added a little Blended Cutie Down & Out Styles to hold the frizz down a bit. Her twists are still a little damp in these pictures. I split the top section of her twists down the middle then grabbed a little bit of hair in the front of the right side, split it into two sections and twisted each section around one another, then I began picking up a few twists, adding it to one section, then crossing over, picked up a few more twists, added it to the other section and crossed over, I continued doing this until I got near her ear then I just started twisting them together. I had her hold that section while I did the same exact thing to the left side, I tied it off with a ponytail holder/bow.

I think her twists are holding up pretty well. I have to keep an eye on the twists in the back by her neck because they seem to tangle more. I should have known since most of her tangles are back there anyway. One very small twist in the back tangled at the root so I took that twist down and retwisted. It was easy getting the tangle out, I used a little water and my fingers! I may take her twists out this weekend, I'm not sure yet. I originally wanted to do a style that would last a few weeks to give us both a break. Between Lil Man's physical therapy and me trying to get to the gym on top of other things, to not have to worry about styling her hair for a while has been nice.