Cornrowed Braid-out Faux Hawk

After A wore this style for a few days I contemplated on adding beads or curling the braids. Instead, I simply removed the middle braids with the end of a pin tail comb for a braid out. She had 3 braids hanging on each side in the front so I gathered 3 on each side and twisted them back, I used bobbypins to secure the braids. This created a faux hawk look. She loved the results! This is a fun look for both younger and older girls. You can add a little flair by accessorizing with bows, ribbon or a headband.

After looking at the pictures I think I should have taken out a few cornrows on the right for a side bang. Maybe someone else can try it? I'd love to see pictures if you do. You can post them over on our new Facebook Fan Page!