Criss-cross Cornrows & Three Strand Twists

I really wanted to do a complete cornrowed style but after finishing a few cornrows I just wasn't up for it. I wish I had continued the cornrows, I think the top would have looked really cool. Maybe I will in a day or two but for now she's left with criss-cross cornrows and three strand twists. I used a new product that I will not name just yet, look out for a review later on today!

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  • A's hair was previously in a braid out so it was slightly stretched out. I began by parting a circle on the top and tying the rest of her hair off.
  • I parted a triangle on the right side of the circle, split it in two and criss cross cornrowed that section.
  • I moved to the front of her head and cornrowed one small section going to the left.
  • I then parted another triangle going in the opposite direction of the first, right behind the single front cornrow. Once again, I split it in two and criss cross cornrowed that section.
  • From there I parted 3 triangles with the hair left over, tied them off with a Goody Ouchless band and did two three strand twists on each ponytail. Click here for the three strand twist video tutorial.
  • I placed one ponytail near her right ear and one near her left and did the same. Once I got to the back, I split the hair straight down the middle and added 3 triangles on each side.
  • I added accessories and she was done!

I'm not completely thrilled with this style but she loves it. I think it looked better without the curlies (see picture below) but she insists on wearing them. Gotta love a kid with their own style.