Diva Spotlight: Summer

Tell us a little about yourself & your daughter:

My name is Dee and I am Mommy to a 7 year old son and a 4 year old diva!! My daughter's name is Summer, and I believe she's 3C/4A. Her roots seem to be straighter and thinner than her actual hair.

What is your daughter's hair care routine?

I normally wash Summer's hair once a week with a sulfate free shampoo. I condition weekly and deep condition bi-weekly (with a plastic cap). Her styles only seem to last a few days, I have yet to have a style last for a week. Her hair gets very frizzy and starts to come undone at the roots (maybe due to the hair being alot straighter??) I recently began using Bee Mine Products (Thanks) and her hair seems to be doing well with it so far. She sleeps on a satin pillow case, Scarves, bonnets, forget it!!!

What kind of products do you use on her hair?

I LOVE Bee Mine luscious moisturizer and curly butter. I also use Hello Hydration, and Aussie Moist conditioners. I mix conditioner and water in spray bottle and spray as a detangler. Oils don't do well on her hair, they seem to just sit and attract lint.

Have you ever used chemicals on her hair?

No, and I don't plan to. I'm actually in the process of transitioning so we can be natural together.

Can we see a few of your favorite styles?

How did you learn to do all of this?

Your blog has helped me tremendously, thank you!!! That and you-tube, lol. I actually just learned to cornrow within the last two months.

How does your daughter feel about her hair? Can we see her favorite style?

Summer loves her hair!! She always runs to the mirror after getting it done and says how pretty it is, lol... Her favorite style is her afro!!!

If you had to share one hair care tip, what would it be?

Be patient, and tell your little one everyday how beautiful he/she is.