Half Up, Half Down Braid-out

The sun is out, potato salad is ready and the grill is goin'! It is a BEAUTIFUL day out today so we're having a little cook out with the fam. I planned on trying a really intricate style yesterday but we didn't feel up to it so I ended up doing something really simple. Read below for instructions.

I spritzed A's hair with some water and parted a circle on the top section of her head (see above photo) so I could make a ponytail. I tied the rest of the hair off and braided 6 braids in the top ponytail. I used Curls Whipped Cream on each section before braiding. After the top ponytail was complete, I untied the rest of her hair and began grabbing medium sections of hair, adding Curls Whipped Cream and braiding. By the time we were finished she had about 13 braids in, including the ones in the ponytail. She slept with her hair like this until the next morning. I removed the top ponytail holder and added a little Eco Styler Gel to smooth down the top then rebanded. I removed all of the braids with my fingers and these are the results.

Do you plan on doing anything special this weekend? How did you style your child's hair?