On White Girls, It's Cute. On Black Girls, It's "Ghetto".

Kourtney writes:

"I wanted to post on your site but also didn't want to offend anyone. But I was just looking through another hair sites fb page (HairStyles for Girls) and she must have just recently put up a "egg hairstyle" for Easter. It's really a cute idea...but it got me thinking about the jolly rancher girl that got ripped apart by her teacher for having those in her hair. Whats the deal...its CUTE if little [white] girls wear plastic easter eggs in their hair but its not ok to wear candy at the ends of braids/locs??"

Sorry just had to vent about that!


"I just thought it was funny how all the moms were posting pics of the hairstyle and how all the other students and teachers were "loving" the hairstyle but its not ok for *all* girls."

Kourtney makes a great point. I love Adopt A 'Do - Cute Girls Hairstyles and think the Egg Tails hairstyle is adorable. I've had the chance to read comments not only on my blog, but also in forums about the jolly rancher incident and while most people feel like the teacher was wrong for posting the child's hairstyle on her Facebook page, some also think the mother was wrong for giving her child that "ghetto" (their words, not mine) or tacky hairstyle. A select few thought the hairstyle was cute and age appropriate and gave the mother props for allowing her daughter to express herself. So, when little white girls wear a different hairstyle, it's cute. But when little black girls wear a different hairstyle, it's ghetto? O_o Hmm...

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