D.I.Y. Headband Holder

I heard about this adorable idea from one of the forums I'm a member of and have been dying to try it! I finally got the chance to pick up some extra supplies today so I went for it.

You will need:
  • A large oatmeal container
  • 3 sheets of scrapbook paper or some fabric.
  • Scissors and glue (I used mod podge glue)
  • Optional: candle holder, spray paint, ribbon/lace, hot glue gun

I love craft blogs and crafty people but I am so not crafty. Trust me when I say, you do not need any skills for this project.

First, I took the cheap metal candle holder I bought and spray painted it with white spray paint. I left it outside to dry. Then, I began by cutting the scrapbook paper to the size I needed, it was crooked, but it worked. I covered one side of the oatmeal container in hodge podge glue (covered the kitchen table in glue as well O_O) then placed one sheet of scrapbook paper over the glue. After that side was done, I covered the other side of the oatmeal container with glue and stuck the other sheet of scrapbook paper on. Easy peasy. I grabbed the hot glue gun and the purple lace I bought (for $2 from Hobby Lobby!) and began placing glue along the bottom of the oatmeal container. I put the lace on quickly as hot glue tends to dry very fast. I cut a circle out of the last sheet of scrapbook paper I bought and glued it to the top of the oatmeal can. I hot glued some lace around the top as well. I went outside to get the candle holder. Let me just say, I am a terrible spray painter. I put way too much paint but whatever, no big deal. It was dry so I put the oatmeal container on top of the candle holder and viola! All done!

A was with me every step of the way on this project. She was so excited to be my little helper and loved the finished result! She is now making little crafts in her room, lol.

Now I just have to figure out what to put inside. Either her sunglasses or her ouchless ponytail holders for banding.

There are headbands on the back too.

Have fun!