Flat Twist/Bantu Knot Out Inspired By Naptural85

I've had Naptural85's How To Bantu Knot Out video favorited on Youtube for quite some time now. I decided to try the style last night at the last minute. I styled on wet hair and only used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer (by the way, they are having a Mother's Day Sale tomorrow! Use code: BBBMOM for 15% off your purchase). I parted in random sections and detangled with my fingers and a comb. The entire process took maybe 30-40 minutes. The next morning I removed her satin bonnet and took the bantu knots out. Her hair, especially the back, was still quite damp but I went ahead and took the twists out anyway. Next time I will work on slightly damp hair because bantu knots take entirely too long to try. If I had waited for her hair to completely dry I think it would be less frizzy in the back. I still loved the results though, she loves it, too!

Check out the video from Naptural85. Her hair is gorgeous!