One Month Protective Styling Facebook Challenge!

It's that time again! Another protective styling challenge for the kiddos. If you missed last year's challenge, click here to check it out. It was lots of fun!

The overall purpose of this challenge is hair health. I don't think parents realize how much damage they can do to their children's hair by over-styling or adding too many rubberbands, beads and other accessories. Don't get me wrong, I love accessories just as much as the next parent but I try to do a mix of protective styles and accessorized styles. Your overall goal is completely up to you. If you just want a break from styling hair, that's fine. If you'd like to see your child retain length, that's fine, just remember that you won't see a huge difference with only a month of protective styling.

So let's go ahead and get to the rules:
  • Protective styles count as: Box braids, twists (two strand, three strand, sister twists, flat twists), cornrows, bantu knots, french braids. If there's a style you're not sure of, just ask and I'll let you know if it counts! Please make sure the style is not tight!
  • Absolutely NO: rubberbands/elastics, beads, barrettes, snaps or ballies
  • Absolutely NO heat! No blowdrying, no flat ironing, no hot combs, zero heat!
  • You MAY use: headbands, bows, ouchless ponytail holders (with no metal) to simply switch up the style or band the hair before styling. Example: Your child has box braids, you may use an ouchless ponytail holders to put the braids in a ponytail or pigtails.
  • I am also going to allow curlers this time around but I do not encourage you to use them often. Instead, try braiding the box braids or twists for a crinkly look, do bantu knots on box braids/twists for a knot out, etc.

Note: You do not have to leave the same style in for the entire month. You can switch it up weekly/bi-weekly if you'd like.

This challenge will be held on our new Facebook fan page (make sure you go "like" it!). You MUST do our weekly check-in's to be eligible for the prizes! You can check-in every Sunday (May 15th, 22nd & 29th, June 5th & 12th). When you check-in please include a photo of the style and what products you used. After the first week please include an updated picture of the style and if you plan on leaving it in or restyling. I encourage you to update often and leave as much information as possible. Please include if you are deep conditioning, having your child sleep with a satin bonnet, washing the hair with the style in, etc.

You can go ahead and introduce yourself and your child on our Facebook page. Connect with the other parents and have fun!

Our guest blogger (and guest judge, and also last years winner of the protective styling challenge!) Aisha and I will choose one winner weekly based on how well you follow the rules, how your routine/plan sounds and of course, being creative doesn't hurt! ;)

The overall winner will be chosen by the regular participants of the challenge. You will not be able to vote for yourself.

Big thanks to Bee Mine Products for sponsoring the challenge!