Mini Braid Update: Day 31

The protective styling Facebook challenge is over but A's mini braids are still going strong. They have been in for 31 days now. I took out some of the braids on top and added some cornrows on day 21/26. I have been trying to keep it as simple as possible. Moisturize with Bee Mine Lucious Moisturizer, wash when needed or after swimming and added a good holding product. In these pictures here I used the bit of Kinky Curly Curling Custard and put her braids in pigtails. There are a few braids that are quite tangled in the back and I blame this completely on her father not putting her hair up when she swam over the weekend. I was tempted to go ahead and take them down this weekend but I think they still have a lot of life so I'm going to take out and re-braid the 3 tangled sections in the back and continue with my plan of leaving them in as long as possible.

We went to the creek and splash pad yesterday, here's a few pictures.

Is everyone enjoying their Summer? How is your child's hair currently styled and how has it been holding up through all the Summer activities?