Mini Braids & Eco Styler Gel

We're on day 20/25 of A's mini braids, I mentioned how frizzy they were in the last post so since I'm out of Kinky Curly Curling Custard (which I prefer) I decided to try Eco Styler gel on her braids to hold the frizz down. I spritzed her braids with water then added a generous amount of Eco Styler Gel to the ends of her braids. The ends of her braids have unraveled quite a bit, I mostly blame this on her swimming every day but I believe her trim is also partly to blame. I added a bit of Eco Styler Gel to the top of her braids as well since her roots are so frizzy. Her hair is still damp in these pictures but the Eco Styler did a pretty good job at making her braids look decent. I hope to take the top of her braids out soon so I can restyle. Possibly cornrows on the top instead? Stay tuned!