Fun Hair In 5 Minutes - Textured Faux Hawk

Ponytail holders: $3 Bobbypins : $2 The look on her face: Priceless

A has been wanting a faux hawk after seeing them on here and on my little brother so I went ahead and gave her one today. This style was super easy. Her hair was already curly from yesterday so I spritzed her hair with water and used 3 ouchless ponytail holders to make 3 ponytails going down the middle of her head. I didn't part the hair, just grabbed with my fingers, but if you want a more sleek look use a metal rat tail comb to part. After putting her hair in 3 ponytails, I grabbed one section at a time, folded the entire section to the right and pinned the hair down with bobbypins. I did this to all three sections. That's it! Fun hair in 5 minutes. ;)

Check out her expression. This is her "cool face". She loved it.