Twisted Ponytail with Bangs

A has been wearing her hair out a lot lately. I washed it yesterday with Little Penguins Vanilla Bean Smoothie. I decided to leave the smoothie in to see how it works as a leave-in. Her hair felt really soft but I didn't love it as a leave-in. I didn't hate it as a leave-in either. I absolutely love it for detangling her hair in the shower though. On the plus side, all I had to do was spray her hair down with water today before detangling since the smoothie was still in. It made detangling much easier. I did a quick 20 minute style before we headed out today. First, I parted a small section of hair in the front and put the hair into 2 two srand twists, then I pulled the rest of her hair into a ponytail and put it in several large two strand twists. I used Curls Goddess Glaze (I received it as a sample with my recent order) on the twists and to smooth down her pony. Very easy and very cute for girls of all ages. After I was done she went and looked in the mirror. She had a huge smile on her face and told me, "Mama, I look like a SUPER model!" lol, she then proceeded to do her runway walk. Such a girly girl.