Product Review: Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme & Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade

I have been reading about Darcy's Botanicals products for the longest. I have especially read good reviews from Happy Girl Hair so I finally decided to give them a try. I bought 6 of their products a few weeks ago (I found a discount code through Google!). Shipping time wasn't bad, I ordered August 3rd and the items shipped August 8th, I received them on August 12th. I mentioned I would do a full review in our  Flat Twists to the Side post  so here it is. :) Enjoy!

Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme

The claim: "Our Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme is an all natural hair butter for moisturizing, styling and conditioning your natural coils. It absorbs instantly into hair to replenish much needed moisture, provides softness, sheen & promotes healthy hair growth. This highly moisturizing butter is very thick & concentrated so a little goes a long way. It is perfect for type 3-4 naturals:) It has a very thick concentrated butter-like consistency with the sweet smell of gently African Madagascar Vanilla! Once you try it, you'll be hooked!"

Price: $12.00 8oz jar

Ingredients: Organic Palm Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Madagascar Vanilla, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Candelilla Wax, Organic Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil and Potassium Sorbate.

Review:  I expected this product to be more creamy, as pictured above, but it does not look like the picture. It's creamy but thick, sort of like a paste (see photos below). I can hold the jar upside down and shake it and it will not move. I wouldn't say it easily absorbs in the hair alone but mixed with the Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade it goes in nicely. So far, I really like this product. It did a good job holding down the frizz on A's flat twists and her twist out was amazing! Nice and soft but a lot of hold. That same day A got wet in the water they had at the park but her twist out still held up nicely. Even after being wet her twists were not separating as they normally would. Eventually we went to another water park and they were done for but I was surprised they lasted so long. It smells pretty good, like vanilla. The price is very reasonable, especially when you compare it to other natural products. I will definitely be using this again.

I apologize in advance for the blurry pictures. I am borrowing a camera because mine is broken.

Her twist out had been wet for a while here but you can see the twist out is still very defined, holding up really well.

Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade

The claim: "If you have been looking for a light styling aid to help you soften and condition your luscious curls, then look no further. Our Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade will provide you with the much needed healthy nourishment your curls require along with lovely sheen, softness. Light enough to use as a hairdressing "grease" too. Excellent for all natural styles like locs, twists, braids, afro, and waves. Our pomade is also great for relaxed hair. It is naturally scented with the aroma of fresh organic coconuts."

Price: $12.00 8oz jar

Ingredients: Organic virgin coconut oil, peach kernel oil, beeswax, vitamin e, & vegetable glycerin.

Review: I applied this pomade on top of the Madagascar Creme. I think the two products together are a winning combination. This pomade seemed to make her hair easier for me to work with. It provided a ton of shine, which I loved. I wasn't too fond of the smell, it smells kind of like wax. It's a good product however, I doubt I will repurchase this only because it's so similar to regular virgin coconut oil.